beauty loves vol.1

I decided to do another post!
*mass applause*

I decided to do a weekly/monthly thing.
it was going to be look books but I think doing like 15+ outfits every month is too heavy.
I NEED SOMETHING LIGHTER. and more short and sweet.
therefore I decided to do this beauty loves type of thing.
it's basically my favourite product of the week or month. but there's no rules to it.
so, if i don't have a favourite product for that particular moment. I can just not do a post. easy. right?

today's love is Sleek Lipsticks.
I have four.

(L-R) Liqueur, Papaya Punch, Cherry and Mulberry.

These lipsticks are incredibly creamy and soft. they contain vitamin E - so I'm sure that's got something to do with the moisturising properties in them. they're super pigmented - the swatches on my hand are one swatch of each lipstick and it's even and smooth. the ultimate lipstick - beats Revlon ones. especially the matte ones. Papaya Punch is a matte and it's rich and long lasting but still really moisturising, whereas Revlon Matte lipsticks are more on the dry side of things. (and about the picture, i'm not sure why it looks shiny. it's meant to be matte)

Liqueur is seriously my favourite nude lipstick of the moment. I hardly ever wear nudes because it just looks like I'm trying too hard to become a porn star-wannabe, but this looks perfect on me and most importantly, i feel comfortable wearing it.

Cherry is often used when I want a bolder darker lip - it doesn't photograph the same colour as it looks on the lips, but it's a rich, deep red, slightly darker than it looks on the photograph and swatch.

I bought Mulberry because it seemed like a really nice dark blackcurrant colour, you know. when you want to make reds darker or pinks deeper. However, it's definitely my least favourite. I think because it's so dark and pigmented, but also glossy. it has a very streaky and uneven application - which is it's downside of the lipstick.

I'm not sure if Sleek is available overseas, so if you've got family or friends over here in England - give them a cheeky ring and ask them to pick some up for you. Seriously worth it.
Currently, my local Superdrug has a 2 for £6 offer on the Sleek Lipsticks - so I hope you give it a shot!
If you have any recommendations on the lipsticks - please send them my way. I really want to try Peaches and Cream.



yearly fashion statement

This has got to be... braces!
i just got mine done on wednesday, sure i can't eat and talk normally,
but i think they look pretty damn cool!

oh and i can't smile without a cheesy grin these days. :')

-make up-

- MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW20
- MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC20
- MAC Mineralised SkinFinish Natural in Medium
- Garnier Roll-on Anti Dark Circles in 02 (maybe)

- MAC Eyeshadow in Sable and Carbon
- Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner in Black
- 2True Effortless Liquid Eyeliner
- MAC Splashproof Mascara in SplashBlack

- Carmex
- MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo
- Gosh Velvet Touch Lipliner in Simply Red



lookbook for march!

i know it's April :3
i thought it would be better to post them at the beginning of each new month.
(I'm lying, i only finally got round to posting this)

oh! if you requested me to do this monthly look book thing. i thank you very much and i apologise for not noting your name down :(
i hope you all enjoy this video
and i hope you'll become closer to understanding my fashion sense and also, get a taster for some tunes that i like.

first - me and you by Nero.
second - teenage dream (kaskade remix) by Katy perry.

-other information-
- the blue and crackle nails i had one were done by using Barry M instant nail effects and Jessica's nail polish in bikini blue.
- i have my Chanel watch on most of the time
- the black beaded bracelet, the jelly wrist band and the pink beaded bracelet were gifts off my boyfriend from his holidays



where has all the time gone?

how're you all?
i actually cannot believe that it's already april.
i've got my exams in may too D:
and i'm getting my braces on, on wednesday.
so from now on, you'll be seeing braceface.

i need a new camera, i can't record video's and take picture with mine.
it's just so uncooperative.
any suggestions of good quality cameras?

i hope people weren't too harsh on you for april fools :')
i never bother, i think it's too mean,
the worst one was, in BTEC Dance, they told us our teacher had left and that all our work was invalid. people started crying; which btw, they never anticipated. it was a horrible joke. seriously. 1000 word log documents, gone. and it wasn't just one.

hope you all have a good day!


in all honesty, i'm not sure this is relevent.

I'm opening a store on ebay! ;D
exciting, i know.
it's called 'in all honesty'
bit corny, but it's the truth.
there's not much to it now.
but i will be soon putting up items up for sale. and some handmade stuff.
of course, i'll update this blog on everything before anyone else knows.
probably even before i know.
keep your noses on the look out for photos of prototypes and other fun stuff.

see you guys soon!

p.s. - click the picture to be linked to my ebay page. :)


i'm alive.

Hello everyone :)
It seems like I have to do a lot of apologising all of the time on this blog.
because I am one lazy girl.

so, how're you?
me? well, my face is covered with a rash, my eyes were swollen. but now the skin around my eyes has shrivelled up.
I was perfect skin.

I also want to thank the people who kept with this blog and requested, even though I haven't been doing very many videos or blog posts.
I've been writing down all of the requests since I delete my emails everyday.
However, there is a downfall. I forgot to write down the names of the people who requested things, because I am truly and idiot.

Please look out for these blog posts and new videos.
I won't be doing them until my fair clears up, since some require my face being in the video/blog post, but i'll answer any questions you have. :)

You know where to find me.



sunday, 2nd january 2011


happy new year everyone!
have you all made a resolution yet?
i comepletely forgot, therefore i'm not going to have one this year, not that i stick to them anyways.
today's my friends birthday party, we're getting all dressed up, off to nandos then back to her home to continue the party!

okay, i present, my makeup and outfit of the day!

playsuit - newlook
blazer - newlook
shoes - newlook
earrings - river island
belt - primark

- Benefit Bo-ing Concealer in Light
- L'oreal Morphose Mousse Foundation Samplee
- MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW20
- MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Medium
- Natural Collection SunTint Bronzer in Golden Glow and Sun Shine

- Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadow in Foxy
- MAC eyeshadow in Sable and Carbon
- Next Just Pink Eyeshadow Palette (Random Reddish Brown)
- Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Eye Liner in Bk999
- BeTrue Effortledd Liquid Eyeliner in Black
- Collection 2000 Big Fake Lash in Black

- Revlon Lipgloss in Cherries in the Glow.

lovelove x


tuesday, 28th december 2010

I've finally done it.
I've dragged my boyfriend out of bed at 9.00am, so that we could go shopping. I'm the best girlfriend in the whole entire world. :')
I'm quite excited, we're going to the Metro Centre in Newcastle and there's tons of sales happening :D

Here's the make up and outfit of the day :)

Blouse - Primark
Skirt - H&M
Tights - Primark
Boots - Primark
Necklace - Gogo Philips for Topshop

(Right - Left)

- Revlon Colorstay Makeup in 180 Sand Beige
- Missha BB Pact in No.21
- Makeup Academy Pressed Powder in Shade. 1
- Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Powder in Golden Glow

- L'Oreal Paris Chrome Shine Eyeshadow in 175 Brun Argenté
- Stila Eyeshadow in Lame, Coin, Nanda Devi and Oasis
- Rimmel London Colour Rush in 070 After Dark
- GOSH Extreme Art Eye Liner in 07
- MAC Splashproof Lash
- Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo in BK999
- Fiberwig Finisher

- MAC Lipstick in Angel
- YSL Rouge Volupté in No.2
- BarryM Lip Paint in 101 Marshmallow

lovelove x


saturday, 25th december 2010

It's finally here, Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you recieved everything you wanted from Santa :3 Enjoy the rest of the day!

lovelove x


wednesday, 22nd december 2010

nails of the day :)

lovelove x

wednesday, 22nd december 2010

It's getting way too close for Christmas for my liking. It's almost scary.

have you asked for something nice for Christmas? my mum and my brother have gotten me something, but I don't specifically remember asking for it, oh well. :) It'll be a nice surprise for me.

I've also left everything last minute, as per usual. I haven't even finished buying my brothers, my mums and my best friends present. I've got bits, but it's not complete. I've finished my cousins, my friends, my boyfriend. £78 I spent on him, :') you only get Christmas once every year, best make the most of it.
to be fair, the only thing I'm extremely excited about is the Christmas dinner. we're having turkey, gammon. roasted veg, mashed potatoes, cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon and sage and onion stuffing. drooling already. what are you excited about for Christmas?

anyways, here's a video for you guys that read my blog.
some of you know that I used to make videos on YouTube - xoSamii, but my account got hacked into and they deleted all of my videos, so I just decided to delete it.
I think I'll start making videos, just for my blog though.
I think it makes everything so much more personal, make it seem like you're reading about a real person and other real things.

enjoy my tutorial on smokey eyes for mono lids

(just in case you didn't catch the captions)
- Revlon Color Stay Makeup in 180 Sand Beige
- Skin Food Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream in 2
- Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in No.21b
- Makeup Academy Pressed Powder in Shade. 1

- Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Foxy and Half Baked
- Stila Matte Eyeshadow in Nanda Devi
- Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow in Intense Black
- Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner in BK999
- Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo in BK999
- Fiberwig Finisher

lovelove x
p.s. I'm not used to this tripod thing and I'm just getting into the hang of things, forgive me?


tuesday, 21st december 2010

t's getting scarily close to christmas, however, knowing that you have to work on christmas eve, kind of bums you down. sadly. oh well, 4 more days!

anyways! I bring you the make up of the day!

- Revlon ColorStay Makeup in 180 Sand Beige
- Skin Food Mushroom MultiCare BB Cream in 2
- Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in No.21
- Makeup Acadamy Pressed Powder in Shade. 1
- Urban Decay Single Eyeshadow in Hotpants

- Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Foxy and Half Baked
- Urban Decay Get Baked Eyeshadow Palette in Baked and Twice Baked
- Sleek Mineral Based Eyeshadow Palette in Storm (the matte light brown)
- Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner in BK999
- Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo in BK999
- Fiberwig Finisher

- Ferne Cotton Vamp Red Lipgloss
- Accessorize Lipgloss in Clear
- Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight



tuesday, 7th december 2010

I bet you weren't expecting to see my face. I know I know. I need to repent for my sin of not posting enough. I'm a bad person. :'( *cry*
I seriously don't mean to not, but right now I lack motivation. y'know. when you can't be bothered to do anything, all you want to do is sit and stare into space or sleep. don't tell me you don't get that feeling because I know you all do, so don't lie.

recently, college has really picked up it's pace and I can never find the spare time to write and describe things - or even take pictures. don't get me wrong! I love doing this, I think it's so much fun, maybe because it's easy. I can look a scruff whilst I'm writing each post. I've got tons of ideas and each post that I was planning to do, I've got written on my note pad. I've just been swamped with things to do or been too lazy and I apologise.

have you ever, felt that you need to do something but then you seriously cannot be bothering to use the ATP made by the mitochondria in each cell in your body and transfer it into energy. sorry, Biology work catching up on me.

I swear that I'll do more posts - I've got my Hong Kong post to do and other collective haul posts, but if I'm not able to complete those tasks I've set myself. It's not my fault, I'm just a plain old lazy.

okay, I think that'll have to do. enough of me twittering on for one day.


sunday, 14th november 2010

as promised, I'm going to be doing my haul - this will be separated into two posts considering the amount of clothes I've bought. OH! I'll also include a makeup of the day into this post as well :)

Okay, firstly, I bought a few things from Superdrug - which, if you didn't already know is a drugstore equivalent in England, it sells things from toiletries, cosmetics, perfume, hair care, hair dye and even food, but I'm sure you'd rather see the things that I purchased and not the history of Superdrug. I bought one item from Gosh - I don't know if you can get gosh overseas (I think Canada sells Gosh too) It's the Extreme Art Eye Liner in 07. This liner is amazing, it lasts for ages and it's completely smudge proof, however, it lasts for a bit too long. It's one of those liners that don't come off with regular face wipes or make up removers - the only solution I've found is the Clinique take the day off make up remover. I think, because it's an oil-based remover, it's able to remove the liner. I give it 4 out of 5 loves.

the next few products are from Barry M - this is also sold at larger brands of Boots. I purchased two of their Lip Paints and Nail Paints.
I'll talk about the Nail Paints first, I'm always on the look out for good neutral shades of nail polish - not just your average pink, black or red. Barry M offers a wide selection of nail polishes in various colours, formulas and textures. I picked up 289 Gold because it just reminded me so much of Christmas, but to be fair, anything gold reminds me of Christmas. It's not so thick and opaque, however, it's amazing as a top coat for a slight gold glittery finish to any colour nail polish. personally, I would recommend using dark shades underneath because it really acts as a good base for the gold glitters to be seen. The next shade is 313 Dusky Mauve - a new favourite of mine, as a matter of fact, I have got this polish on my nails now. It's really deep dirty taupe grey? it's not mauve at all. you might be thinking, "wow, that sounds very special Sammie, like millions of companies don't have a colour that sounds exactly like your description", well, feast your eyes on the lovely purple shimmer. It's not chunky shimmer, it's fine shimmer than makes the shade more of a mauve colour. it's beautiful! 2 coats needed!

Enough about nail polishes - down to the Lip Paints. I think these colours are new to the season, but don't quote me on that one, I'm just guessing. I have 152 and 150 - no ideas on the names; which is one of the factors of Barry M that I don't enjoy, I like to have names on so I don't have to open every single tube of lipstick to find the right one. names I can do, numbers? I'm not too fond of. 152 seems very light in the tube, but on me, it's a beautiful berry mauve shade; which really compliments my skin tone - it reminds me of maturity. how stupid does that sound? but it does - it's my mature lipstick. However, the formula of this particular lip paint is similar to the porn star nude lip paint that they also have - Marshmallow, I believe it's called. It's thick and a little drying for my liking. 150 is a brownish pink nude. It's one of those lip colours that look like your lips but better. well my lips, anyways. It's really glossy, in comparison to 152, it's a lot smoother and silkier? if that's even a word. Overall, they're pretty good.

(L - R, 152 Vintage Rose - 150 Pink Suede)

I went to TKMaxx the other day considering it's all Christmas-ified inside, usually there are some pretty good deals, for example, 3 full sized Stila products for £8.99?
This pack came with the illuminating tinted moisturiser in Shade 02.
I tried it out this morning and it's pretty good. not the best colour match, since I have been on holiday and I'm all tanned up. The smell is not too nice, kind of smells like white board pens but nastier. The textures really nice, it's thick but thin. if that makes any sense at all. The thing i love the most is the dewiness and the glow it gives you. you know the glow you get whilst you're sitting on a beach, relaxing and soaking up the sun, it's like that but shoved into a squeeze bottle. I'll give it 3.5 of out 5 loves.

the set also came with an eyeshadow in Nanda Devi. it's a matte eyeshadow. at first, I thought I wasn't going to like it, I have another matte eyeshadow by Stila and if I'm truly honest, it's kind of a disappointment - it's not pigmented when to actually apply it on your eyes, it's hard to build up, but I will give it this, it's one of the only matte shadows I can blend out easily. So, knowing the quality on the matte eye shadows, I was pleasantly surprised that it's pigmented and easy to build up. love it. the picture makes it look like a medium tanned brown - but it reality, it's a beautiful rich coffee brown - it reminds me of ground coffee for some reason. it's easy and smooth to apply and It's brought up the standards of Stila matte eye shadows for me.

The thing I was ecstatic the most about this set is that it included a full size Kajal Eye Liner in Topaz, every one's right. it makes your eyes pop without looking like you're on crack or something. the softness of this pencil is phenomenal. truly is. there's not much I can say about this eye liner except that it's amazing and love.

Top left - Barry M Lip Paints in 152 and 150
Top Right - Stila Eyeshadow in Nanda Devi
Bottom Right - Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Topaz

Make up of the day!

- Revlon ColorStay Make Up for Combination/Oily skin in 320 True Beige
- Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser in Shade 02
- NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder in Translucent

- Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadow in Foxy
- Sleek Palette in Storm (the matte tan shade and the black)
- Stila Matte Eyeshadow in Nanda Devi
- Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Topaz
- Imju Fiberwig

-Barry M Lip Paints in 150 and 152


sunday, 14th november 2010

firstly, I have to apologise.
I'm so lazy and unproductive that I just completely forgot about posting anything on here.
as bad as that sounds.
however, I'm going to get back on track with a post nearly everyday *I'll try*
beginning with my long overdue haul. I've bought so much stuff since I planned to do this post. I never got round to do the 'what's in my suitcase' post either, but, I did have a fairly good reason... *insert reason here*, no, I kid :) I was just too busy and excited for the holiday - which was amazing! but other than that, I really don't have a reason - I'm just plain old lazy. Okay, so next time you will see me, you will be present with a haul post.



sunday, 17th october 2010

long time no post, again.
I'm waiting on this package to be delivered and then I'll do a nice haul! with pictures too!
I think I'll also do a what's in my suitcase too :') thanks to Julie who requested I do this, so I will. AFTER the haul though. since i must get it out the way. H&M are really lacking in their postage's. *angry, sulky face* oh well. I've received the New Look and ASOS items, thank god, or I'd have to go to Spain naked. (joke alert)

anyways, have a good half term to people who go to school and college, just in case I don't remember to say in the next few posts.
and I'll see you in the next post.



thursday, 7th october 2010

wow, I haven't posted in a while. I guess I'm not too good at this blogging stuff :')
how many sales are there btw?!
perfect for my holidays in two weeks and two days, sangria here we come. <3
I've bought a few things from the New Look, ASOS and H&M sale and only the New Look thing arrived. (I did just order the ASOS items and the H&M clothes won't be here till mid-October) so I'm going to wait and try them on and take some photos :) I think it's better if you get to look at me in them in order to see how it sits on the body.
anyways, plenty of college work to be getting on with.
speak to you soon in the next haul post!
aha :)



friday, 1st october 2010

pinch, punch, first of the month!
I can't believe it's october already! only two months till christmas and new year. damn! savings :(
so, let's start off with the first outfit of the day and make up of the day post! yayyyy! ha.
anyways, hope you enjoy!

- denim shirt from Primark
- cream striped skirt from River Island
- generic black tights
- brown thin waist belt from Primark
- black and purple floral bow headband from Primark
- black ankle boots from New Look (not shown)

- Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin in 180 Sand Beige
- Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ in No. 21
- NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder in Translucent

- Maybelline ExpertWear Eyeshadow in Intense Black
- Imju Fiberwig

- Natural Collection Lipstick in Cherry Red
- Barry M Lip Paint in Touch of Magic Green.



friday, 24th september 10

hey guys!
can I just say something. WHY IS IT SO COLD? what's up with this weather? it's insane!
I guess, all the more reason to buy more clothes, you know. layers. yeah. *smirk*
speaking of clothes, I'd thought I would do a little wishlist kind of thing of things I really want!

firstly, I'm going to include the links, so that you can have a little browse, zoom and shop :)

okay, I really like this silk shirt from Topshop, it's in a deep fuschia shade and it's lovely. I know it's getting cold, but pair this up with a high waisted skirt, thick tights and boots or maybe even trousers. it'd look really nice. it's casual but smart at the same time, I don't even know if it's possible, but it gives off the formal/casual vibe.


next thing, I want a large cable knit jumper, I've always wanted one because you can wear it with skinny grey distressed jeans or something else and it would go. This one is also from Topshop. It's a very universal cream colour so it goes with practically everyone. for me, it's a jumper I can shove on and go. love it! give me £48 and it will be in my hands. obviously with 10% student discount! however, I can't, stupid sunny holiday!


I also really want these boots. they're a deep brown/black suede boot from New Look, they kind of remind me of Anglo Saxons or an elf. don't ask me why, it just does, doesn't mean I wouldn't wear it. they're called Desert Suede Boot - no idea why desert, but hey, i'm not New Look. You can get this for a nice price of £40.


okay, last fashion item, you know what I'm like, I can't help but be attracted to girly, pastel, floaty, swishy things. therefore, you know I got to like this. it's a pastel pink pleated mesh skirt. it's a little ballerina-ey, but hey! I did do ballet since I was 9. this skirt can be bought from River Island for £24.99


make up! i'm not going to tell you why I want each of these products. I just do. it's calling out to me. here's the list! (there will be pictures)

-Revlon Lipstick in Cherries in the Glow

- MAC Lipstick in Russion Red and Hue

that's all, thanks for reading