friday, 24th september 10

hey guys!
can I just say something. WHY IS IT SO COLD? what's up with this weather? it's insane!
I guess, all the more reason to buy more clothes, you know. layers. yeah. *smirk*
speaking of clothes, I'd thought I would do a little wishlist kind of thing of things I really want!

firstly, I'm going to include the links, so that you can have a little browse, zoom and shop :)

okay, I really like this silk shirt from Topshop, it's in a deep fuschia shade and it's lovely. I know it's getting cold, but pair this up with a high waisted skirt, thick tights and boots or maybe even trousers. it'd look really nice. it's casual but smart at the same time, I don't even know if it's possible, but it gives off the formal/casual vibe.


next thing, I want a large cable knit jumper, I've always wanted one because you can wear it with skinny grey distressed jeans or something else and it would go. This one is also from Topshop. It's a very universal cream colour so it goes with practically everyone. for me, it's a jumper I can shove on and go. love it! give me £48 and it will be in my hands. obviously with 10% student discount! however, I can't, stupid sunny holiday!


I also really want these boots. they're a deep brown/black suede boot from New Look, they kind of remind me of Anglo Saxons or an elf. don't ask me why, it just does, doesn't mean I wouldn't wear it. they're called Desert Suede Boot - no idea why desert, but hey, i'm not New Look. You can get this for a nice price of £40.


okay, last fashion item, you know what I'm like, I can't help but be attracted to girly, pastel, floaty, swishy things. therefore, you know I got to like this. it's a pastel pink pleated mesh skirt. it's a little ballerina-ey, but hey! I did do ballet since I was 9. this skirt can be bought from River Island for £24.99


make up! i'm not going to tell you why I want each of these products. I just do. it's calling out to me. here's the list! (there will be pictures)

-Revlon Lipstick in Cherries in the Glow

- MAC Lipstick in Russion Red and Hue

that's all, thanks for reading


  1. I really want the Revlon lipstick too! but Revlon is too expensive here. :(

  2. i want some boots like that too!