friday, 24th september 10

hey guys!
can I just say something. WHY IS IT SO COLD? what's up with this weather? it's insane!
I guess, all the more reason to buy more clothes, you know. layers. yeah. *smirk*
speaking of clothes, I'd thought I would do a little wishlist kind of thing of things I really want!

firstly, I'm going to include the links, so that you can have a little browse, zoom and shop :)

okay, I really like this silk shirt from Topshop, it's in a deep fuschia shade and it's lovely. I know it's getting cold, but pair this up with a high waisted skirt, thick tights and boots or maybe even trousers. it'd look really nice. it's casual but smart at the same time, I don't even know if it's possible, but it gives off the formal/casual vibe.


next thing, I want a large cable knit jumper, I've always wanted one because you can wear it with skinny grey distressed jeans or something else and it would go. This one is also from Topshop. It's a very universal cream colour so it goes with practically everyone. for me, it's a jumper I can shove on and go. love it! give me £48 and it will be in my hands. obviously with 10% student discount! however, I can't, stupid sunny holiday!


I also really want these boots. they're a deep brown/black suede boot from New Look, they kind of remind me of Anglo Saxons or an elf. don't ask me why, it just does, doesn't mean I wouldn't wear it. they're called Desert Suede Boot - no idea why desert, but hey, i'm not New Look. You can get this for a nice price of £40.


okay, last fashion item, you know what I'm like, I can't help but be attracted to girly, pastel, floaty, swishy things. therefore, you know I got to like this. it's a pastel pink pleated mesh skirt. it's a little ballerina-ey, but hey! I did do ballet since I was 9. this skirt can be bought from River Island for £24.99


make up! i'm not going to tell you why I want each of these products. I just do. it's calling out to me. here's the list! (there will be pictures)

-Revlon Lipstick in Cherries in the Glow

- MAC Lipstick in Russion Red and Hue

that's all, thanks for reading


sunday, 19th september 10

long time no blog!
well, kind of. :)
I'm back with a haul and a make up of the day post, since my outfit is not very appealing at the moment. lets just say, white vest top and stupid but yummy tomato pasta. I've been trying to save up for my holiday at the end on october. we're mid september now and it's only 5 weeks till I've jetted off on a plane to spain with a few of the girls and only 5 weeks to save up £300+. therefore, my hauls will not be very consistant. I'm not trying to brag about what I buy, that's not it all, my hauls are just a way of you, getting to know me, even though we're in totally different locations. okay, with that out of the way.

I went to Primark on Monday because I had a nice free and I didn't need to be at college till 11.50am. sweeeeet? i know. :')

I bought this skirt which I frickin love! it sums up the type of clothes that I like to wear. floaty, girly and pastel. I was originally going to buy a very similar skirt from New Look, however, with the skirt from New Look being £20 and the skirt from Primark being £9 and prettier, it would only be logical to buy the cheaper of the two, even if it is from Primark.

don't get me wrong, I love Primark, but, where's the days gone where I could go in with £10 and come out with a whole new outfit? oh well.

next item from Primark, this loveeeeely pastel blue/green top, it look quite silvery and greyish blue in the image, but it's darker and more vibrant and that. I'm a size 10, it fits perfectly, except for the extremely tight bust area, which is a bit uncomfortable, I don't have mega big boobies, but Lord, it's very tight. Nonetheless, I will still wear it :')

I went to New Look after college because I saw this gorgeous jumper and I needed it. So, being as nice as I was, I dragged my boyfriend and my friend, Chris to New Look. it's this grey cotten jumper with three-quarter sleeved. doesn't sound appealing enough? here's the cream of the cake. the neck of the jumper is embellished with pearl beads, lots and lots of pearl beading. it's gorgeous and simple. you might think, 'oh that sounds like it's too extravagant for everyday wear', seriously, it's not. i've worn it twice and gotten lots of nice compliments. there's enough embellishment to catch attention but not enough to be super obnoxious.

I went to H&M specifically to buy these skirts. £2.99 each, bargin. especially the black one, it's so well made, it's thick, so no see-through-when-you-bend situations. love it!

next thing. my nan went on holiday to Hong Kong, and she brought me some pressies that my auntie bought me. firstly, she bought me these eyelashes from taiwan. she ordered these on Yahoo. I believe. they are the Princess Eye Lashes, they come in a box of 10 pairs, I think. they're so natural and nice, really good quality. however, they're a little too big for me so I need to a cut a smallish chunk from the strip. I don't suit reeeeeeeeeally long lashes, it makes me look like a drag-queen, I mean, it might suit others but not for my mono-lid eyes. with these lashes, it's fab for everyday wear and you won't look like you're trying to hard! A++

next things are nothing to do with clothes or make up. my aunt bought me a Rilakkuma plush. it's so cute :3 it has this little zip pocket to put smellies in to make your bed smell nice. I heart Rilakkuma. she also got me some slippers with bear heads on the front, it's very comfy to wear around the house
and yes, my boyfriend does think I'm a freak :) and yes I am nearly seventeen.

enough with the haul, onto the make up of the day!

-Skin Food Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream SPF 20 PA+ in No. 2
-Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ in No. 21
- NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder in Translucent
- Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Powder in Sun Shine
- Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks in Peach Melba

- Freshkon Alluring Eyes in Mystical Black
- Natural Collection Eyeshadow in Milk Chocolate
- Bourjois Eyeshadow in 74 Brun Somptueux
- Rimmel London Colour Rush in 070 After Dark
- Urban Decay Single Eyeshadow in Half Baked
- BarryM Fine Glitter Dust in 22 Black Gold (i think)
- Sleek Ink Eyeliner Gel Pot in Dominatrix
- Imju Fiberwig



friday, 10th september 10

it's 22:20pm on a friday night and I am seriously contemplating on whether I should hit the hay. the whole entire weekday has been so tiring. aaaaanyways.

short hello
short goodbye.



tuesday, 7th september 2010

nothing exciting today, just a little chat :)
I started college for the first time today and I've really been exaggerating my fear and anxiety.
I got to the college and I was fine. sure I was a bit nervous, but isn't everyone?
most of our lessons consisted of icebreakers (which I hate doing!) they're so lame and geeky. no one really wants to tell 5 facts about yourself to a random stranger? what if you're really wierd like me? a person who hates watching tv programs like soaps, reality tv shows, game shows, talent shows, basically everything that isn't csi, ghost whisperer, true blood, friends or cooking programs. what am I to talk about?!
I'm ranting on a bit too much, this was meant to be a little chat about something nice. :')
speak to you lot later



monday, 6th september 2010

hey blogreaders! how're you all doing? me? I'm completely terrified. tomorrow, is when I'm starting college and I'm nervous as hell. oh well, :') I'm going to have to live with it for two more years.

here's my outfit and make up of the day!

- Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin in 180 Sand Beige
- NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder in Translucent
- Ruby and Millie blushes, however the colours are unknown.

- Freshkon Alluring Eyes in Mystical Black
- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- Ruby and Millie Metallics, the colours are also unknown. (sorry!)
- Mini Bourjois Eyeshadow powder in No.1
- BarryM Dazzle Dust in 51 Mushroom
- Stila Matte Eye Shadow in Indigo
- Maybelline ExpertWear in Intense Black
- Superdrug's 2True Effortless Eye Liner in No.1
- Majolica Majora Lash Gorgeous Wing in BK 999
- L'oreal Voluminous in Black
- Imju Fiberwig

- Revlon Lipgloss in Cherries in the Glow.

(sorry about the flash, it was the only photo where my face doesn't look retarded)

long black cardigan with 3/4 sleeves from Primark
white singlet vest from Topshop
white floaty polyester top from New Look
high waisted shorts from Levis
black generic tights from i-can't-remember-where-but-you-can-find-them-anywhere

tv - nothing
music - House is Falling by Hadouken
drink - CapriSun in orange
food - nothing
time - 11:51am
weather - sunny! :D



wednesday, 1st september 2010

I finally got round to do this haul. :') I've been putting it off for ages now and seeing as that i have no motivation to do the summer homework for Textiles Art, I'll do this instead.

Warning - Picture heavy!

okay, first item. me and the mother had a very nice day out to Newcastle, we had our hair done at Sherlocks on Grey Street, then shopped it out in Eldon Square Centre. I knew that there was a Mac Cosmetics store, so I really wanted to check it out, the person there was lovely, but for some reason, because I'm not the typical adult (as I am only sixteen) the woman treated me a bit like a noob, okay, maybe I am, but I know a thing or two about what things were. anyway, moving on. I bought the oh-so-famous Angel Lipstick, you know, the one Cheryl Cole and Kim Kardashian uses. it's a lovely neutral pink, that's not too nude, but brightens your complexion.

next, is this very very pretty compact mirror from Boots, I can't remember who it's by, but it's pretty :) however, it is just a typical double compact mirror.


moving on, my mum had given me one of those £5 off vouchers from Boots that you can only use on Ruby and Millie or No7 products - which is kind of crappy, since my local Boots doesn't carry Ruby and Millie, so this shopping trip was the perfect opportunity to use the voucher. I bought a Nail Color in Blue 62CC. it's a deep navy shade, however it shows up as being quite a bright blue, trust me it's not. it does need two coats to get a nice dark navy - almost black colour. verdict? not the best because it does get a bit uneven and thick. not worth full price, which was £9.50

Today, I went shopping in Middlesbrough, I went to the Primark because even though it's messy and busy and packed with screaming little children, it's infinitely better than my local Primark for the range of clothes. I saw this really cute cardigan and I had to ask my mum to buy it for me :') it reminds me of the classy 1560s style. I guess this could also double as a outfit of the day post as well ;D two birds with one stone! It's a mid sleeved knitted cardigan with large gold buttons with pocket detailing (what I mean about that, it's more of a pocket for show and not actual functional pockets) in a gorgeous navy blue colour.

I am also wearing a plain white dress from Topshop. it's showing up more blue in the photo, again, trust me it's more darker than that.

I also got some college stuff - 5 folders, a pack of pens, a small cute Hello Kitty pencil case, a ruler, lined paper refill pad, a diary, a Hello Kitty pen to be exact, but that's all really boring, except the diary is pretty damn cute!

last, but most certainly not least, my lovely nan gave me this black Chanel patent leather clutch/purse. I absolutely love it. it has an embossed flower pattern which has small Chanel logos in the centre of them. my favourite section of the purse is the small gold flower on the front, it just symbolised Chanel - classy. also, what I really like about it is that, it doesn't look tacky and you wouldn't know it was Chanel if I didn't tell you it was Chanel, obviously excluding the obvious zipper. it zips all the way, for easy access to your stuff and it's pretty large. it's kind of too big for a purse but too small for a clutch but that doesn't matter. it's pretty. :)