beauty loves vol.1

I decided to do another post!
*mass applause*

I decided to do a weekly/monthly thing.
it was going to be look books but I think doing like 15+ outfits every month is too heavy.
I NEED SOMETHING LIGHTER. and more short and sweet.
therefore I decided to do this beauty loves type of thing.
it's basically my favourite product of the week or month. but there's no rules to it.
so, if i don't have a favourite product for that particular moment. I can just not do a post. easy. right?

today's love is Sleek Lipsticks.
I have four.

(L-R) Liqueur, Papaya Punch, Cherry and Mulberry.

These lipsticks are incredibly creamy and soft. they contain vitamin E - so I'm sure that's got something to do with the moisturising properties in them. they're super pigmented - the swatches on my hand are one swatch of each lipstick and it's even and smooth. the ultimate lipstick - beats Revlon ones. especially the matte ones. Papaya Punch is a matte and it's rich and long lasting but still really moisturising, whereas Revlon Matte lipsticks are more on the dry side of things. (and about the picture, i'm not sure why it looks shiny. it's meant to be matte)

Liqueur is seriously my favourite nude lipstick of the moment. I hardly ever wear nudes because it just looks like I'm trying too hard to become a porn star-wannabe, but this looks perfect on me and most importantly, i feel comfortable wearing it.

Cherry is often used when I want a bolder darker lip - it doesn't photograph the same colour as it looks on the lips, but it's a rich, deep red, slightly darker than it looks on the photograph and swatch.

I bought Mulberry because it seemed like a really nice dark blackcurrant colour, you know. when you want to make reds darker or pinks deeper. However, it's definitely my least favourite. I think because it's so dark and pigmented, but also glossy. it has a very streaky and uneven application - which is it's downside of the lipstick.

I'm not sure if Sleek is available overseas, so if you've got family or friends over here in England - give them a cheeky ring and ask them to pick some up for you. Seriously worth it.
Currently, my local Superdrug has a 2 for £6 offer on the Sleek Lipsticks - so I hope you give it a shot!
If you have any recommendations on the lipsticks - please send them my way. I really want to try Peaches and Cream.



  1. Again, How do you get your skin so smooth and flawless? it's unfair! :') xxx