tuesday, 7th september 2010

nothing exciting today, just a little chat :)
I started college for the first time today and I've really been exaggerating my fear and anxiety.
I got to the college and I was fine. sure I was a bit nervous, but isn't everyone?
most of our lessons consisted of icebreakers (which I hate doing!) they're so lame and geeky. no one really wants to tell 5 facts about yourself to a random stranger? what if you're really wierd like me? a person who hates watching tv programs like soaps, reality tv shows, game shows, talent shows, basically everything that isn't csi, ghost whisperer, true blood, friends or cooking programs. what am I to talk about?!
I'm ranting on a bit too much, this was meant to be a little chat about something nice. :')
speak to you lot later



  1. I luuuurve watching CSI! It's amazing!