wednesday, 1st september 2010

I finally got round to do this haul. :') I've been putting it off for ages now and seeing as that i have no motivation to do the summer homework for Textiles Art, I'll do this instead.

Warning - Picture heavy!

okay, first item. me and the mother had a very nice day out to Newcastle, we had our hair done at Sherlocks on Grey Street, then shopped it out in Eldon Square Centre. I knew that there was a Mac Cosmetics store, so I really wanted to check it out, the person there was lovely, but for some reason, because I'm not the typical adult (as I am only sixteen) the woman treated me a bit like a noob, okay, maybe I am, but I know a thing or two about what things were. anyway, moving on. I bought the oh-so-famous Angel Lipstick, you know, the one Cheryl Cole and Kim Kardashian uses. it's a lovely neutral pink, that's not too nude, but brightens your complexion.

next, is this very very pretty compact mirror from Boots, I can't remember who it's by, but it's pretty :) however, it is just a typical double compact mirror.


moving on, my mum had given me one of those £5 off vouchers from Boots that you can only use on Ruby and Millie or No7 products - which is kind of crappy, since my local Boots doesn't carry Ruby and Millie, so this shopping trip was the perfect opportunity to use the voucher. I bought a Nail Color in Blue 62CC. it's a deep navy shade, however it shows up as being quite a bright blue, trust me it's not. it does need two coats to get a nice dark navy - almost black colour. verdict? not the best because it does get a bit uneven and thick. not worth full price, which was £9.50

Today, I went shopping in Middlesbrough, I went to the Primark because even though it's messy and busy and packed with screaming little children, it's infinitely better than my local Primark for the range of clothes. I saw this really cute cardigan and I had to ask my mum to buy it for me :') it reminds me of the classy 1560s style. I guess this could also double as a outfit of the day post as well ;D two birds with one stone! It's a mid sleeved knitted cardigan with large gold buttons with pocket detailing (what I mean about that, it's more of a pocket for show and not actual functional pockets) in a gorgeous navy blue colour.

I am also wearing a plain white dress from Topshop. it's showing up more blue in the photo, again, trust me it's more darker than that.

I also got some college stuff - 5 folders, a pack of pens, a small cute Hello Kitty pencil case, a ruler, lined paper refill pad, a diary, a Hello Kitty pen to be exact, but that's all really boring, except the diary is pretty damn cute!

last, but most certainly not least, my lovely nan gave me this black Chanel patent leather clutch/purse. I absolutely love it. it has an embossed flower pattern which has small Chanel logos in the centre of them. my favourite section of the purse is the small gold flower on the front, it just symbolised Chanel - classy. also, what I really like about it is that, it doesn't look tacky and you wouldn't know it was Chanel if I didn't tell you it was Chanel, obviously excluding the obvious zipper. it zips all the way, for easy access to your stuff and it's pretty large. it's kind of too big for a purse but too small for a clutch but that doesn't matter. it's pretty. :)



  1. That Chanel purse is gorgeous!

  2. I love that cardigan you got from Primark, I'd never guess that Primark could make something so un-Primark like. x

  3. She left the cardigan at my house and hasn't taken it home for ages, so if you want to come get it you can have it :)

  4. where did u get the diary from?

  5. serioooously?!?! primark? wow.

  6. that cardigan is lovely.

  7. That little cardy is so cute!