sunday, 14th november 2010

as promised, I'm going to be doing my haul - this will be separated into two posts considering the amount of clothes I've bought. OH! I'll also include a makeup of the day into this post as well :)

Okay, firstly, I bought a few things from Superdrug - which, if you didn't already know is a drugstore equivalent in England, it sells things from toiletries, cosmetics, perfume, hair care, hair dye and even food, but I'm sure you'd rather see the things that I purchased and not the history of Superdrug. I bought one item from Gosh - I don't know if you can get gosh overseas (I think Canada sells Gosh too) It's the Extreme Art Eye Liner in 07. This liner is amazing, it lasts for ages and it's completely smudge proof, however, it lasts for a bit too long. It's one of those liners that don't come off with regular face wipes or make up removers - the only solution I've found is the Clinique take the day off make up remover. I think, because it's an oil-based remover, it's able to remove the liner. I give it 4 out of 5 loves.

the next few products are from Barry M - this is also sold at larger brands of Boots. I purchased two of their Lip Paints and Nail Paints.
I'll talk about the Nail Paints first, I'm always on the look out for good neutral shades of nail polish - not just your average pink, black or red. Barry M offers a wide selection of nail polishes in various colours, formulas and textures. I picked up 289 Gold because it just reminded me so much of Christmas, but to be fair, anything gold reminds me of Christmas. It's not so thick and opaque, however, it's amazing as a top coat for a slight gold glittery finish to any colour nail polish. personally, I would recommend using dark shades underneath because it really acts as a good base for the gold glitters to be seen. The next shade is 313 Dusky Mauve - a new favourite of mine, as a matter of fact, I have got this polish on my nails now. It's really deep dirty taupe grey? it's not mauve at all. you might be thinking, "wow, that sounds very special Sammie, like millions of companies don't have a colour that sounds exactly like your description", well, feast your eyes on the lovely purple shimmer. It's not chunky shimmer, it's fine shimmer than makes the shade more of a mauve colour. it's beautiful! 2 coats needed!

Enough about nail polishes - down to the Lip Paints. I think these colours are new to the season, but don't quote me on that one, I'm just guessing. I have 152 and 150 - no ideas on the names; which is one of the factors of Barry M that I don't enjoy, I like to have names on so I don't have to open every single tube of lipstick to find the right one. names I can do, numbers? I'm not too fond of. 152 seems very light in the tube, but on me, it's a beautiful berry mauve shade; which really compliments my skin tone - it reminds me of maturity. how stupid does that sound? but it does - it's my mature lipstick. However, the formula of this particular lip paint is similar to the porn star nude lip paint that they also have - Marshmallow, I believe it's called. It's thick and a little drying for my liking. 150 is a brownish pink nude. It's one of those lip colours that look like your lips but better. well my lips, anyways. It's really glossy, in comparison to 152, it's a lot smoother and silkier? if that's even a word. Overall, they're pretty good.

(L - R, 152 Vintage Rose - 150 Pink Suede)

I went to TKMaxx the other day considering it's all Christmas-ified inside, usually there are some pretty good deals, for example, 3 full sized Stila products for £8.99?
This pack came with the illuminating tinted moisturiser in Shade 02.
I tried it out this morning and it's pretty good. not the best colour match, since I have been on holiday and I'm all tanned up. The smell is not too nice, kind of smells like white board pens but nastier. The textures really nice, it's thick but thin. if that makes any sense at all. The thing i love the most is the dewiness and the glow it gives you. you know the glow you get whilst you're sitting on a beach, relaxing and soaking up the sun, it's like that but shoved into a squeeze bottle. I'll give it 3.5 of out 5 loves.

the set also came with an eyeshadow in Nanda Devi. it's a matte eyeshadow. at first, I thought I wasn't going to like it, I have another matte eyeshadow by Stila and if I'm truly honest, it's kind of a disappointment - it's not pigmented when to actually apply it on your eyes, it's hard to build up, but I will give it this, it's one of the only matte shadows I can blend out easily. So, knowing the quality on the matte eye shadows, I was pleasantly surprised that it's pigmented and easy to build up. love it. the picture makes it look like a medium tanned brown - but it reality, it's a beautiful rich coffee brown - it reminds me of ground coffee for some reason. it's easy and smooth to apply and It's brought up the standards of Stila matte eye shadows for me.

The thing I was ecstatic the most about this set is that it included a full size Kajal Eye Liner in Topaz, every one's right. it makes your eyes pop without looking like you're on crack or something. the softness of this pencil is phenomenal. truly is. there's not much I can say about this eye liner except that it's amazing and love.

Top left - Barry M Lip Paints in 152 and 150
Top Right - Stila Eyeshadow in Nanda Devi
Bottom Right - Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Topaz

Make up of the day!

- Revlon ColorStay Make Up for Combination/Oily skin in 320 True Beige
- Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser in Shade 02
- NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder in Translucent

- Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadow in Foxy
- Sleek Palette in Storm (the matte tan shade and the black)
- Stila Matte Eyeshadow in Nanda Devi
- Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Topaz
- Imju Fiberwig

-Barry M Lip Paints in 150 and 152



  1. Your skin is so nice :( Why doesn my skin look that nice.

  2. Oh Mann! Yur so preety. <3

  3. I want those two shades of lipstick! Going to have to go to Superdrug ASAP.

  4. You're so pretty. Jealous much!!