tuesday, 7th december 2010

I bet you weren't expecting to see my face. I know I know. I need to repent for my sin of not posting enough. I'm a bad person. :'( *cry*
I seriously don't mean to not, but right now I lack motivation. y'know. when you can't be bothered to do anything, all you want to do is sit and stare into space or sleep. don't tell me you don't get that feeling because I know you all do, so don't lie.

recently, college has really picked up it's pace and I can never find the spare time to write and describe things - or even take pictures. don't get me wrong! I love doing this, I think it's so much fun, maybe because it's easy. I can look a scruff whilst I'm writing each post. I've got tons of ideas and each post that I was planning to do, I've got written on my note pad. I've just been swamped with things to do or been too lazy and I apologise.

have you ever, felt that you need to do something but then you seriously cannot be bothering to use the ATP made by the mitochondria in each cell in your body and transfer it into energy. sorry, Biology work catching up on me.

I swear that I'll do more posts - I've got my Hong Kong post to do and other collective haul posts, but if I'm not able to complete those tasks I've set myself. It's not my fault, I'm just a plain old lazy.

okay, I think that'll have to do. enough of me twittering on for one day.

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