where has all the time gone?

how're you all?
i actually cannot believe that it's already april.
i've got my exams in may too D:
and i'm getting my braces on, on wednesday.
so from now on, you'll be seeing braceface.

i need a new camera, i can't record video's and take picture with mine.
it's just so uncooperative.
any suggestions of good quality cameras?

i hope people weren't too harsh on you for april fools :')
i never bother, i think it's too mean,
the worst one was, in BTEC Dance, they told us our teacher had left and that all our work was invalid. people started crying; which btw, they never anticipated. it was a horrible joke. seriously. 1000 word log documents, gone. and it wasn't just one.

hope you all have a good day!

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